Stupid Mec Lir Party Piece Mouth Wobble Competition 2015!

Mec Lir T-ShirtWho fancies the chance to win a VERY limited edition Mec Lir T-Shirt (as modelled by Adam’s Dad here), signed poster and signed CD?

All we need is for you to post a video of yourself doing the Mec Lir mouth wobble to our Facebook page, and the best entry, as chosen by the band themselves, will win! Simple as that.

Here are some basic instructions as to how to achieve the perfect mouth wobble…

  1. Find an iPhone (or alternative) able to record slow motion video
  2. Make sure there is enough light, if not, find another iPhone and use it as a torch
  3. Purse your lips as if to give someone a sloppy kiss
  4. Press RECORD!
  5. Take a deep breath
  6. Blow for as long as possible with your lips nice and relaxed and experience the mouth wobble!

We’ll contact the winner via Facebook in a few weeks time.

If you haven’t already seen the Mec Lir Celtic Colours mouth wobble of 2015, you can do so here: