IMM – Livewire

Grainne McCool - Irish Music Magazine

Livewire is their first full-length album. Yet you’d never guess that on listening. Mec Lir has released this collection of 9 tunes and introduce us to the drama of this eclectic foursome immediately.

It could be the opening of a movie
Repeal the Union opens the collection: a set of three reels which is just simply dramatic from the beginning. This sense of drama continues to the very end. The drama is still present as we reach the third track, Vasen. It could be the opening of a movie. We can’t wait to hear what happens next. Then boom, the drums come in, gentle at first, before the fiddle brings the trad music alive once more. This is an eclectic mix of synthesis, trad, folk and a tempo so changeable it’s theatrical and dramatic at every turn. Earthbound provides an ethereal experience musically. It feels like they are preparing the listener for a return to earth as the album draws near its close. Its tempo cut back; it’s quietening us down. It brings us right back down to earth again having been to space and back with the previous 7 tunes and their liveliness. And then Palm Bay closes the music with a return to the upbeat of the beginning.
a real livewire collection of music from beginning to end
Featuring seven guests: Adam Brown (bodhrán), Paddy Callaghan (button accordion), Davie Dunsmuir (electric guitar), Rachel Hair (harp), Sarah Markey (wooden flute), Ciaran Ryan (banjo), Calum Stewart (uilleann pipes & whistles), the four band members are exploring their musical ability and reach success with each exploration. Synthesis and the traditional instruments just work with these lads and they win us over from the onset. As it rounds up, we are left wanting to start it all over again. This has been a lockdown project that brings everyone alive once more. Livewire is a real livewire collection of music from beginning to end.